Picture Dump

I've seen this so many times. They also leave their cars running

Really? I bet that gets annoying after the first fifteen times

Did you  know this green is colour of the year? You're welcome




I don't get the dunking something in milk and making it soggy on purpose thing

People of the internet: There is NOTHING funny about this face swap thing
Stop it!

So now I can put a face and a name to the voice of my worst nightmares.

...there must be something wrong with the universe

Good thing she has awesome fake nails or this would be ugly

This is the kind of person who thinks April Fools jokes are funny
Does this tell you anything, people of Earth?


Angie said...

I think the dog kennel under the steps is pure genius. I would totally do that if I had a pooch. Didn't know that about the Toy Story characters at Disney, but I think it is super cute. It would really suck on a hot day (every day in Florida), especially if you have little asshole kids that keep doing it over and over and over...and you know they do. Agree on the neck tags, but even worse are the tags that are in the side seams of your shirt, rubbing on your waist. They get cut out immediately. What really upsets me is when they are so firmly sewed into the seam that you can't get them out without ripping it and then you deal with that little stub that is left over from the cutting and that is even worse. The googly eyes prank is GREAT!!! I will be using that for sure. That Honey Booboo woman is just homely as all get out, isn't she?

dirtydisher said...

I love that easter island cardboard thing with the ears. To die for. Must make.


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