Picture Dump

Been looking at a few decorating sights. I like doing that. It helps me revise my outdated ideas about what defines pretty interiors. For example, I would never have thought of hanging shoes on my wall as something pretty. I've had it all wrong.



"You're going to need a bigger boat"

What? I was supposed to do this to myself? That explains a lot...

[above picture] Where are the comfy chairs? I like the idea of a 'zen' garden as a desk feature so I can doodle when I'm stuck on the phone. If I have room for an actual zen garden in my hallway? then my house is too big.

I'm starting to see why "Tiny Homes" has been my most popular post since I started this blog.

I knew this couldn't have been true

Not funny, internet


Me: "Lad, can you get a ladder and put the books I don't read on the shelves I can't reach while I go make pasta sauce you won't eat at the table and chairs we'll never sit on?"

Are you kidding me?
Why would you choose to build your stairway to look like a
very badly done, homemade, hockey rink

Post-it notes

Shrink this down several hundred square feet
and not bad.

I like that table with the fly wheels and barn board half wall
But a candle chandelier? No.

Heartless and cold

Serious road rash in 3...2...1...


New Mexico. Middle of the day. Everyone is wearing jackets.

Molding around the top of a closet to store out-of-season shoes.
Not a bad idea. Assuming all your out-of-season shoes have four inch heels.

Halle is 46 and pregnant.
She's is surprised about how that happened
Explains a lot


hang your shoes on molding for a pretty decoration


Salt pond

Vegetables that re-grow themselves
Anyone have luck with avocados? Or pineapples [not pictured]?



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