Picture Dump

"Eye Candy"
(said someone in comments on the food blog that featured this)

It's a seal. It approves.
OK that's the last one

This would go perfectly in my log cabin
(the one I'm going to get and build in some remote location one day)

This was one of the images on a 'fail' list. It's also known as canola.
It's not a fail. Not everyone speaks American


The reflection is bothering me

Look way, way down. See that black splotch? Mandelbrot fractal!!

Haven't seen the movie but I've read the book.
The fact that I'm seeing Pi with Richard Parker's head in his lap, petting him
makes me glad I didn't see the movie.


He reminds me of some creature...a shark?

What's awful here is not how she's aged, she's done well considering, it's that she's still doing the exact same job after all these years.

This is not an out of focus photo. It's a painting.
It makes my eyes hurt, but I kinda like it anyway
Before I stopped needing them, this is how I saw the world without my glasses

It is the theory of some people that impressionist painters like Monet painted the way they did because they were so nearsighted that's actually how they saw the world

Some people would seem more intelligent if they didn't talk.
I think that's Keanu's secret

There is an Istanbul cityscape by Hasan Kale painted on this cactus


Unknown said...

Wow. Those are amazing. Especially the cactus one. That is so tiny!


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