Red Hands - Walk Off The Earth

I'm sure you knew this was coming with me having mentioned them before. It seems they've made to mainstream radio here in redneck country aka Air 106.1 aka the station I'm forced to listen to at work day after day and it is because of Air 106.1 that you're forced to deal with my ear worms. 

Interesting Black Betty/Ram Jam reference. I hate myself for knowing that. Not sure if I get why it's there because they're pretty good at coming up with their own lyrics so maybe it was just for fun. Anyway, fun video.

If you want to see how this video was made, watch this:  


kuschk said...

Actually, now you've got frigging Black Betty stuck in my head. So you get this in return.

Frimmy said...

Well played, TBG, well played.


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