Small, Kind of Specific Picture Dump

We have some random pics and a few pictures taken from lists I found this week. "Don't leave your kids alone" "Crash Report Details" and "Grafitti Wins". Also I am aware of the grammar error in a previous post. I'm leaving it as part of my exposure therapy program.

There's stuff in my fridge that isn't human also

Fail really? This is how I eat chocolates.
Why should I eat the whole thing if I think it's disgusting?

Whoa there, little PLQ member

Peeps: The Musical
Aww, they got an encore! Good job!


kuschk said...

Oh, God, that Titian billboard immediately reminded me of this old Dan Aykroyd sketch on SNL.

Frimmy said...

Hah!! I love it when that happens. Most of the time.


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