Stay - Rihanna (Live Version SNL)

Mi ear worm es su ear worm - Part II

I keep hearing this song at work and today I used SoundHound to figure out who it was because, I'm behind everyone by a half century on these things and I can't ever hear the DJ when he introduces it. SoundHound did its thing and boom! Rihanna. No. Way. Oh well. So, I looked it up and yeah, only about 120 billion views between all the versions I saw and it confirms I'm a caveman. This is the only one I could get to play here, but the official video is all Rihanna in the bathtub. Who wants to see that?

I like this song. It's the piano. I like that she sounds really good virtually unaccompanied. I like that she's feeling it. See the scar at the corner of her mouth? Has she always had that, or is that recent? Or are they piercings because they're on both sides of her mouth? I don't see her enough to know.


Unknown said...

I can tell you this much, the original video had me in tears at the end.

Frimmy said...

I wish the video played here. It was stark and bare and a little bit desperate like the song.


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