Turn Me Round - kd lang

Not really a country fan, but I am a fan of musicians having fun, voices that move me and kd lang.

This would be the "rang-y twang" of which Stompin' Tom speaks about here.

And this would be the weird clothing. Bad Hank Snow reference. He probably tossed this suit out for not being flashy enough. This video is here because "Don't be a Lemming" is my motto in life. Even though Disney's Suicidal Lemmings story was faked.


Pickles said...

I thought this was the same outfit she wore in her "Hanky Panky" video, but was just similar...must have been her gimmick/look at the time.

Love her voice. Her duet with Roy Orbison in "Crying" ... goosebumps.

Frimmy said...

Her voice.

That live version of "Fever" she does where she's goofing off at the beginning playing the bass makes me cry a little.

And "Black Coffee"...before I ever saw an episode of Mad Men, she painted an image of an early '60's home with a lone woman, waiting and waiting and waiting, while her fella is out doing Don Draper things.

Frimmy said...

She sings in my key. That means even though I have a hideous voice, I can sing along and carry her notes without forcing my voice into even more hideous acrobatics and if Im quiet enough I can pretend I sound like her. But really, who sings along to any song quietly? *Sigh* Fortunately, I'm alone a lot.

Unknown said...

I like her cover of the Talking Heads song "Heaven."


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