Ice Tsunami on Dauphin Lake

You probably knew that ice on the move destroys things in its path. Icebergs are infamous for this. Pack ice is as well. Recently, several cottages on Dauphin (Dolphin) Lake  in Manitoba were damaged when a wall of icicles was blown inland. It traveled across land just like a slow motion tsunami, destroying everything. Backed by 90 km (55/mph) the ice wall reached nine metres (30 feet) high.

It happened quickly. Most of the damage was done within ten minutes. People were out BBQ'ing on their decks and watched it happen.

What does a wall of ice sound like when it's moving? Some described it as sounding like a train. When I watched the video (embedded below) I didn't hear that. I heard a kind of tinkling sound. In the video the ice is fine and needle like. In other places it was chunkier.

Homeowners in the area had just finished rebuilding after a devastating flood in 2011.

This video is from a similar occurence in Lake Mille Lacs (an name which seems to mean Lake Thousand Lakes) Minnesota as well as Dauphin Lake, Manitoba.



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