It's Donald Trump's Toupee Caterpillar

So it's been going around the interwebs that this caterpillar looks like Donald Trump's  hair. I think it's another of Trump's strategies for putting his name on every damn thing he can.

[image: Photo: Phil Torres]
Well not this time Trump! This is called the Southern Flannel Moth caterpillar or Megalopyge opercularis. It grows ALL the HAIR! Be careful when you touch it, they embed themselves in your skin and release toxins. Of course they do.

So, you might be saying, Southern Flannel Moth. Southern as in what? South Dakota? South Carolina? Southern Ontario? Haha relax North Americans living somewhere with the word South in the name of your area. Well, except for Southern US. You don't relax.

It is distributed throughout the southern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America. The Trump toupee picture was taken in Peru. OK? Here are some more pictures.

[photo: Arthur Anker]

[photo: Andreas Kay]

[photo: HGHJim]

[image: this Flickr account]

What. the. hell. [photo: HGHJim]

So what does the moth look like?

[photo: Patrick Coin]

[photo: IndianTrailMN]

[photo: boered]

While we're at it, here's a caterpillar that looks like it's wearing a Hello Kitty costume made out of a cardboard box. Just because.

[photo: John S Turner]

[photo: Paul Edwards]



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