Picture Dump + One GIF

Superman socks are cute but Edna says: "No capes!" for a reason

The Incredibles was a fun movie

Aww quelle domage...my heart simply bleeds for you

Here's a tip from a person who pours your coffee bevs:
You don't want foam, don't order beverages where foam is a major component.
Guest: My French Vanilla cappuccino isn't full!
Me: That's because it's a CAPPUCCINO and cappuccinos are ONE THIRD foam and foam settles!
And they think WE are the stupid ones

Hurricane over Saturn's north pole. [photo: NASA]

Another view. Colour enhances. [photo: NASA]

Bike racks

The Lad wants a monocle except he'd have to wear two. Which he's OK with

Wow Steve Tyler at 18 almost sort of looks like a guy. Kinda

I really hope this is not photoshopped. Seriously, pink socks?!

Yep, Southern Comfort

The body cannot live without the mind, eh?

So Bowie can make a mug shot look amazing too

Time to step away from the computer

Kevin Spacey bomb

Waylon Jennings & Buddy Holly

I kind of love it that she's obsessing publicly about Drake.

Funny ad for condoms that are designed to delay climax

Another one. Haha, they have to pass the time somehow, right?

In fact it is easier and more cathartic than peeling a potato


Noelle said...

"Don't step foot outside" ha ha.

Good Dump!

Noelle said...

Not photo shopped the pink socks were for REAL. To funny...

Unknown said...

put this in the wrong post initially:

The last time I puked it was from vodka. I did not quit drinking vodka.

Frimmy said...

Vodka is magical fire water


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