Picture Dump

23 month old's mug shot. Arrested for taking a bite out of every pear in a
vendor's market stall.

Look who got old and fat

This shark has a giant bite taken out of it.

Cruziohyla Craspedopus, from Ecuador


Pickles said...

I am not attracted to blonde men, but there is just something about Daniel Craig.......

Angie said...

Okay, it's been a while since I've commented on a dump. Here goes: The little girl looks not one bit sorry. With all the jokes about the man's hair, why does he continue to embarrass himself? That bug is a nightmare and I cannot even speak of it. The bike vanity is interesting, but I could see myself wracking up my shin on the pedal as I'm brushing my teeth. The tattoo screams "I'm impulsive and although it's not a Chinese symbol, I'm still going to regret it someday." I hate OJ. The comment from the Jewish prisoner punched me in the stomach with it's power and simplicity. People could learn a lot from Woody and Buzz. The car license was really funny...I know a couple that married years ago and found out their social security numbers were one number apart. Weird world.


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