Looks like a bad Star Wars alien to me

It's a specially shaped hot air balloon called Skywhale. Here we go with the art is subjective thing and I'm the first one to invoke that argument when I like something, and maybe I think too literally but this is no whale. Maybe it resembles a beluga a little until you see this:

Are those boobs...?

and check

But Mummy said there would be a whale! Hold me
What's the story?

First of all, Patricia Piccinini is the artist responsible for these sculptures:

They're fantastical and interesting for sure, but I'm thinking if the City of Canberra was interested in something classic and elegant this artist might not have been the best one to commission. Which is exactly what they did.

World-renowned Australian artist Patrica Piccinini was commissioned to create something to celebrate the 100th birthday of Australia's capital city, Canberra. The balloon "Skywhale" was revealed in all its glory and sent on its maiden voyage in preparation for the official unveiling in Canberra on May 11.

For a time lapse video of the Skywhale inflating complete with emotionally evocative music in case you weren't already moved to tears, head on over here.

They say it's strangely serene in person. I can't imagine. Piccinini asks that we look at Skywhale and question the relationship between people, nature and technology as well as contemplate issues relating to genetic engineering and biotechnology.

It's true, her previous works do highlight the questionable practice of genetic engineering, she's always said that.

The reaction to Skywhale have spanned a wide range of opinion. Words like "hideous" and "innocent and naive" and "10-titted dodo" have been bandied about. The article I read here said that regardless of your opinion, one thing is for sure, you can't miss it.

Well if that doesn't define art I don't know what does.



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