The Listener

One person complains to someone and walks away happier for having had a listening ear. But that person is one person and only has to think about themselves. EVER. Everyone else is doing the same thing and guess who gets to shoulder it all? Does anyone take the time to positively reinforce the 'Listener'? I can answer that. No, not really. I vent on people too. I hope I equalize it enough not to be a joy-sucking asshole.

Watching Community gave me an idea though. Next time it's pepper water, suckers!!! There's no law against spraying employees is there? No, I'm sure there isn't.


kuschk said...

Watching the first three seasons of Community, you knew you were watching the best sitcom on TV. Watching the fourth season was like watching Community fan-fiction.

Frimmy said...

I've only just started catching up with Community and just finished Season 1. I read on the Daily Crabbie about how good the show was and how badly it suffered after season three when Dan Harmon 'left'. I love this show and it's strange knowing as I'm going in that I'm only going to see three good seasons.


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