Tomato Plants: Acquired

Varieties of heirloom tomatoes
[Photo by Gary Ibsen of]

I went with four beefsteak and four heirloom varieties this year. Last year's harvest was crazy good as opposed to the seven tomatoes I got the year before. The trick is to cheat. Forget about starting seedlings indoors here. I don't have the room and the season is too unpredictable. So? Buy already flowering plants and screw you Mother Nature. I mean that in the most respectable way of course.

what a wide variety of shapes and colours available

Aren't they beautiful?

So here's what I'm trying this year:

Lemon Boy

Black Prince


I hope I don't see another one of these guys:

Tomato eating caterpilar. Once in a lifetime is enough.
I think those are real eyes all along its flanks.


Angie said...

I did a combination of hybrids and heirlooms. Classic roma, Sweet 100 Cherry, and Early girl for the hybrids and Mr Stripey, Brandywine, and Boxcar Willie for the heirlooms. I planted a cherry tomato plant in a pot with a couple cloves of garlic to see if it will really yield a garlic tasting fruit. I'll let you know.

Frimmy said...

I couldn't find a roma to save my life so far this year and last year that's ALL they had. So I got beefsteak instead. I wanted beefsteak LAST year. Oh well, I fell in love with roma tomatoes because of it. Also, and don't laugh, our greenhouses and garden centres are just getting started so maybe I'll find some romas around soon.

Pinar said...

I've been trying to identify this tomato I grew. I live in Switzerland. I would be very happy if you have hint:

the label that used to hold the name is erased, maybe it would ring a bell for you?

Frimmy said...

I did a reverse Google image search and have many questions. What colour did it ripen into? Red, orange, orange striped, red stripe or purple? There are so many it could be. Are there different tomatoes in Europe as opposed to N. America?


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