Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tomato Plants: Acquired

Varieties of heirloom tomatoes
[Photo by Gary Ibsen of]

I went with four beefsteak and four heirloom varieties this year. Last year's harvest was crazy good as opposed to the seven tomatoes I got the year before. The trick is to cheat. Forget about starting seedlings indoors here. I don't have the room and the season is too unpredictable. So? Buy already flowering plants and screw you Mother Nature. I mean that in the most respectable way of course.

what a wide variety of shapes and colours available

Aren't they beautiful?

So here's what I'm trying this year:

Lemon Boy

Black Prince


I hope I don't see another one of these guys:

Tomato eating caterpilar. Once in a lifetime is enough.
I think those are real eyes all along its flanks.


Angie said...

I did a combination of hybrids and heirlooms. Classic roma, Sweet 100 Cherry, and Early girl for the hybrids and Mr Stripey, Brandywine, and Boxcar Willie for the heirlooms. I planted a cherry tomato plant in a pot with a couple cloves of garlic to see if it will really yield a garlic tasting fruit. I'll let you know.

Frimmy said...

I couldn't find a roma to save my life so far this year and last year that's ALL they had. So I got beefsteak instead. I wanted beefsteak LAST year. Oh well, I fell in love with roma tomatoes because of it. Also, and don't laugh, our greenhouses and garden centres are just getting started so maybe I'll find some romas around soon.