A Few Strange Earthling Animals

Tufted Deer

This deer has a tuft...yes.

The tufted deer is a small deer. It stands at 50–70 cm (20–28 in) at the shoulder, and the weight varies greatly from 17 to 50 kg (37 to 110 lb). The tail is short at around 10 cm (3.9 in). The antler is only present in males and is extremely short, almost hidden by its long tuft of hair.

The tufted deer is found mainly in China, where it occurs in the south from eastern coast to eastern Tibet. It is absent from the extreme south of the country. There are old records of this species in northeastern Myanmar, but recent surveys failed to find any, possibly due to the lack of surveys on the preferred habitat.

Tufted deer. Named for the tuft. Guess what else it has, not mentioned in its name?
[photo: Heush]

Vampire Fangs!! Tusks, actually

[photo: Николай Усик]

Russian Saiga Antelope

If ever there was an antelope that looked like it belonged in a cantina in Mos Eisley this is it.

The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is a critically endangered antelope which is only found in one location in Russia and three areas in Kazakhstan. 

The saiga typically stands 0.6–0.8 m (1 ft 10 in–2 ft 7 in) at the shoulder and weighs between 36 and 63 kg (79 and 140 lb). The horned males are larger than the hornless females. Their lifespans range from 6 to 10 years. The saiga is recognizable by an extremely unusual, over-sized, flexible nose structure, the proboscis. [Wiki]

Pink Slug

Found only on Mount Kaputar in Australia, scientists believe that the slug’s pink color helps camouflage it in the fallen red eucalyptus leaves lining the forest floor, where it spends much of the day hidden from sight. At night it crawls up the trees to feed on the algaes that grow on the bark. This might sound crazy but it's not deadly poisonous beyond all reason.

They can grow up to eight inches long, and can be seen early in the morning, shuffling down trees and back into their burrows.

The slugs share a little less than 40 square miles with other odd species, including three species of cannibalistic snail. [source]

[photo: Michael Murphy/NPWS]
[photo: Michael Murphy/NPWS]

[photo: Michael Murphy/NPWS]

Southern Right Whale Dolphin

If it seems like a couple of animals are named in that title, there are but it's really just one dolphin. Here's a picture of a pod of southern right whale dolphins porpoising. Mind Blown.

Porpoising Southern Right Whale dolphins look like penguins
[photo: Lieutenant Elizabeth Crapo, NOAA Corps]

Their range is the southern hemisphere's colder waters. They do not have a dorsal fin. They're very streamlined and kinda beautiful. Otherwise they're dolphin-like in their habits.

Part dolphin, part yin yang symbol and all symmetrical
[photo:Pablo Caceres/Blue Planet Society]

Hello there, beautiful

Maned Wolf

Looks like a fox, has really long legs, smells like a skunk. I did a post about them here.

Raccoon Dog

It looks like a raccoon. It also climbs trees. It's closely related to the fox. In China, they are farmed for their fur and meat. We know that in China anything with four legs that isn't a chair is considered edible. They are also found in Japan.

The raccoon dog was introduced to and is now abundant throughout Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and has been reported as far away as Serbia, France, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. In response, Denmark set a goal of zero breeding raccoon dogs by 2015

They look like a fox, I think. I read that they have huge testicles. Don't look at me, I'm not providing that link!

[photo: 663highland]

[photo: jpogi]

Aww...I was going to add some more weird animals but I
 think I'll just leave you with this bit of adorableness.



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