Frimmy Update: Arthritis and a New Job

I've been diagnosed with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. I'm going to summarize everything here and then I will complain of it no more. I've only had the rheumatoid for a few months but the Dr. said it seems especially aggressive as the swelling and pain have been extreme. In spite of that I have very little damage to my joints in my fingers and I hope to keep it that way.

The swelling and pain in my hands started just as the tendinitis went away so I thought it was connected and didn't go to the Dr when I should have but I'm going now and am waiting to get in to a Rheumatologist.

I was put on four days of Prednisone (steroid) and that helped a LOT. I can use my hands again, for example. My knuckles looked like there were huge marbles embedded in the joints. I just have swelling in my middle and baby fingers now. It was only four days and since I finished the prescription the pain has returned slightly. Whatever, I can deal with it.

Arthritis often affects older people, women more than men, but it isn't an old person's disease. It affects all ages indiscriminately. Even so, I feel a little old now. That will pass, I'm sure.

Hard to see the globular effect of the swelling but
the bulge on and below the knuckle is clear

See how the knuckles are all blue and purple? My ring finger was slightly swollen but my baby finger is bigger than my ring finger.

Man that was painful.

On the day I got the diagnosis, I also got my administration position confirmed with the Tims I work at (recruiting and not soon enough) AND got the job I've been trying to get for several months at the bank. Manager Customer Service Trainee for a Canadian bank. I started beating the pavement for this job when I realized I could no longer do my Tims job (back in December) and as a result of reaching my limit of tolerance for workplace harassment. That's another story and it's been resolved. Sorta. The osteoarthritis will calm down with the job change.

I haven't been updating here because it hurt to type. It was painfully difficult to do anything, actually. Open doors. Get dressed. It still is but it's bearable now, I can tolerate pain pretty well and I have strength in my hands again. It's mainly in my left hand because apparently I'm left handed even though I write right.

So, new job starts July 8. Dr gave me two weeks leave for my arthritis to get under control and here I am living the tediously boring life until the new job starts.

And there you have it.


MuserMommy said...

Oh Frimmy, I had no idea it was that terrible. True to INTJ fashion. I am so glad you are being treated and feeling relief. Pain and agony are no way to live.

A big congratulations on the new position. I knew you would get it. You will do very well and it will do wonders for your life. All the best my friend.

Pickles said...

Congrats on the new job! You likely will no longer dread long weekends!!! Yay!!!!

kuschk said...

Congrats, Frimmy! Everything goes up from here, I'm sure!

Frimmy said...

Thank you all for your kind wishes. I believe it will be much better from now on and with all this time off, it reinforces that I NEED a job just to get myself out of the house.

Can't wait to start but I hear Scotiabank is even more strict than Tim Hortons about what their employees say online so I guess I still won't be talking much about work. That's OK. I have a lot of Tims stories I can share now...muahahaha


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