[drawing by Albert Dorne]

I have nothing to complain about when it comes to health. I was handed a pretty decent set of genetics when I was conceived. I don't look my age. I don't have serious allergies. I don't have any chronic illnesses, diseases or syndromes. Environment, however, spins what DNA hands you a little bit and at the moment I am dealing with osteoarthritis in my hands because of my job.

This is why I haven't been posting much and when I do it's a lot of picture dumps. It's very difficult to type and even more difficult to type in wrist braces but I can't not wear them the price is too high. It's difficult to do up buttons or make my bed or pick out coins to make change or do most anything requiring fine motor skills and my hands also don't hold on to things very well because of my fingers being useless. God forbid I should pick up a stack of three or four plates because I will likely drop them. My arms are still strong but what good is that if your hands don't work? 

It's like having two claw cranes for arms. Sure the actual arms work great but they're not much use if the claw has no ability to grip anything.

It's humbling to realize I no longer have the ability to do my job well and that it will be permanent if I don't change my work. I know the pain and swelling will ease a great deal if I can change what I'm doing to earn a living. I'm working on it. Meanwhile thank you for your patience.


Unknown said...

Damn lack of telekinesis. When we gonna evolve that?


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