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What to do with a tree stump

This does too

white chocolate, yellow m&m's and pretzel sticks

So true. I don't know who that old lady is looking back at me in the mirror

Speaking of old lady, I'm not that old really but I'm starting to have old people issues. Arthritis, specifically, which isn't just an old person's issue. That's what's been going on the last few months. I'm seeing a rheumatologist as soon as they can get me in but I've tested positive for osteo (work related) and rheumatoid arthritis. I've been hit with an especially aggressive attack the last week and have been unable to do anything. Three days of steroids has removed the pain and inflammation and pointed out dramatically just how much my entire body has been affected. When I get up I can walk without pain. I can move my arms without pain. Things are looking up now. I hope to be inspired to catch up on my blogging soon as I have other good news in the works which will also go a long way to helping with my joints.



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