Picture Dump

Not photoshopped. Mercedes ad, Toronto

Calgary flood damage

*gag* This is exactly what I picture when I see someone letting a dog
lick their face.

Allegra ad, Montreal

Princess Bride DOES SO have a fandom!

Yeah, he writes like Avril Lavigne 'writes'.

Galena, Illinois

Eiffel Tower


Angie said...

Whew...it's been awhile...here we go. My birthday is less common...no surprise there. The license plate is great, however I wonder if all states would allow it? I've been told that anything that can be interpreted as obscene, slanderous, inflammatory or risque in general, would not be approved in my state. What a bunch of babies. I cannot believe that people let their dog lick their mouth...that makes me want to puke until I have no stomach lining left. The OCD sign...I don't get it. Someone explain?? I now heart Drake Bell, because I hate that little idiot Bieber. Calvin and Hobbes...I don't know how I feel about this time lapse photo, but I do like that Hobbes looks fierce. That Galena scene is pretty, but I can assure you...someone took liberties with the saturation settings on their cameras. LIBERTIES, I say!!!

Frimmy said...

The only label in that sign that was misaligned was the one identifying the OCD office.


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