Wolf Chases Biker

How would you like to be riding your motorcycle and turn around and see this running behind you? This happened in Banff (very near where I live) to Tim Bartlett. He says he heard the wolf's feet running on the pavement, looked behind him and saw this.

Tim Bartlett was testing out his new bike in Kootenay National Park on Saturday when he almost hit a wolf. He went back to try and get pictures and the wolf started chasing him.

The wolf crossed a lane of traffic while attempting to catch up to him.

"It sort of sped up initially; it gave a real good burst of speed," said Bartlett. "And then after that it just trotted along beside me, but it probably got within three or four metres."

Bartlett said he felt that the wolf was chasing the bike like a dog he had used to do.

Sure. Cuz wolves are fun like that.

More pictures and story here.



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