This video is about kids from Cateura, Paraguay and their recycled orchestra. It's also about people using creativity and love to transform trash into music. Watch and listen your 3:44 minutes will not be wasted, I promise.

Picture Dump

More movie posters from a different POV

Water spouts are tornadoes on water.
Calling them water spouts is like calling tornadoes 'dirt & trailer park debris spouts'

Draco Volans or Flying Dragon

...aaaand mission accomplished

"This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge Success!
It's hard to over-state my satisfaction."

It's not the lack of left over wine that's the problem
It's the lack of extra ice cube tray space. Anyway, can
alcoholic beverages freeze?

PostSecret secret. Dick.

Who are these people?


L-R: Lala, Tinky Winky, Po, Dipsy
Po looks exactly like I imagined
Teletubbies was canceled in 2002. Man that show was creepy

Picture Dump

They really need to come up with hipster top hat and monocle bike helms

Chinook! Just kidding Philadelphia doesn't get Chinooks

Three words: Block party BBQ, what do you think?
You could invite your friends the aphids!

This picture reminded me...

...of this book

So much of what she says and does is something I have or would say or do

This is my sister's picture. It's Crowfoot Glacier with one of the claws missing

This is a very cool promo for Game of Thrones

Lenticular cloud

Praying Mantis is becoming a close second to chameleon for favourite creature

She doesn't look half bad without stupid make up and from the front
Side view not so much

Giant horseshoe crab

I love Tintin


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