Cigarette Butts

The image above gives one the idea that there are butts out there designed to sprout flowers of some kind. Are there? Do we need environment-friendly butts? Is that an oxymoron? Are cigarette butts a big deal?

First, cigarette butts make up 30% of the worlds garbage according to the Ocean Conservancy.

  • In 2012, the International Coastal Cleanup released 25 years worth of data (1987-2012). Cigarettes and cigarette butts constituted over 30% of the total pieces of garbage collected. Twice as many as any other category
  • Currently, most cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate. These traditional synthetic filters can be resistant to degradation depending upon environmental conditions. The duration of the degradation process is cited as taking as long as 10–15 years

In the interest of full disclosure and before I get a ton of mail (like I always do, ugh!) from people whining that I'm biased against smokers or that I've cited biased stats, that was taken from Ocean Conservancy/International Coastal Cleanup's data and cited on a website owned by Greenbutts, a cigarette company. If you're thinking they're probably selling something, you're right.

According to Gizmo magazine: "[Greenbutts] encourages users to collect their green butts in a planter instead of an ashtray and watch them grow into green grass shoots or flowers". However, I've seen no talk of seeds anywhere on Greenbutts' website. Also, they are very clear about throwing their butts in the trash like you're supposed to do with all garbage, organic or not, so it seems like a waste to install seeds in a filter since disposing of them properly renders the step with the seed thing superfluous.

Screen capture from their website

Greenbutt filters are all natural, the tobacco is without additives and if you do fling your butt on the ground it's biodegradable and disappears in a year instead of 10-15 years like your regular butts do.


Is that better for the smoker? Who the hell cares, they're a smoker. If he or she cared about that crap, they wouldn't be smoking in the first place. However, if a person wanted to be less of a douche to everyone else - and why would they who are we kidding here? - they could start by disposing of their disgusting litter in the trash - NOT flower pots and NOT on the ground  - where it belongs. And that goes for all people who litter.

Is this post a promotional spot for Greenbutts? No. I just thought I'd share. They're going to be available in 2014.

Seriously, clean up your litter. That includes you, bandage person

And do I have to say that I know many smokers who wouldn't think of flicking their butts on the ground? Or who keep their smoke and ashes out of their houses? I know smokers who live alone and who will not smoke in their own homes even in the middle of a Canadian winter. I know smokers who are disgusted by people who smoke indiscriminately and who feel entitled to inflict their trash on all of us. I'm not talking about them.

Also, this is a bit much I think, eh? Saw a chicken in half
and stuff it with butts like we're supposed to believe
a bird will eat that crap? Not cool. I'm looking at you, Ad Agencies

Oh, never mind, my bad



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