Giethoorn - Venice with Thatched Roofs? Aw Yeah!

See that? It's a driveway. A water driveway. And thatched roofs?

There are canals all over the Netherlands. In fact, 25% of the country is below sea level and protected from flooding and storm surges by dykes. So a town where the streets are actually canals makes sense. Like Venice makes sense.

Holland, shown in gold, is a region in the Netherlands

But first, did you know that the name Holland refers to a region in the Netherlands and is not the name of the country? Although we use the two names interchangeably, Holland is actually located on the west coast of the Netherlands. Wiki explains further:

Today, the former County of Holland consists of the two Dutch provinces of North Holland and South Holland, which together include the Netherlands' three largest cities: the capital city of Amsterdam; the seat of government of The Hague; and Rotterdam, home of Europe's largest port.  More information here

Geithoorn, originally called Geytenhorn, meaning goat horns and pronounced heer hoorn, is a village in North Holland, and known as "Venice of the North". It is situated on a lake. 

Street parking is allowed

People get around using canoes or punts and many of the islands making up the town core are connected by bridges.

Anyone know what that huge leafed plant is called?

Not many pet escapes I imagine


[photo: Stenaline]



In winter, the waterways become skateways. I wonder what they do until the ice is thick enough?


More pictures here. For a set of pictures and a video check out this article from the Daily Mail.

Check out the video below and watch for hydrangeas even Madonna would love.



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