Picture Dump

They really need to come up with hipster top hat and monocle bike helms

Chinook! Just kidding Philadelphia doesn't get Chinooks


Three words: Block party BBQ, what do you think?
You could invite your friends the aphids!

This picture reminded me...

...of this book

So much of what she says and does is something I have or would say or do

This is my sister's picture. It's Crowfoot Glacier with one of the claws missing

This is a very cool promo for Game of Thrones

Lenticular cloud

Praying Mantis is becoming a close second to chameleon for favourite creature

She doesn't look half bad without stupid make up and from the front
Side view not so much

Giant horseshoe crab

I love Tintin


kuschk said...

That is EXACTLY what my mother's computer looks like. She literally only uses the Internet to play games, and every single one she downloads comes with some goddamned toolbar. And since she doesn't have her own email account (really, no joke), guess which one she 'volunteers' for every single registration or out-of-town business transaction? You guessed it. Always love those phone calls. 'Oh, by the way, if you see a message from so-and-so...'

Frimmy said...

Whoa, that's crazy! Especially for you. Why doesn't she want an email account? Wait..if she did have one, that would be a whole other place for you to untangle.

kuschk said...

Both of my parents hate computers (my dad has literally never turned on a computer, and basically blames the Internet for the downfall of civilisation). My mother's had a couple of email accounts before; they get ignored and forgotten pretty quickly because she only uses the computer to play Internet games every couple of days for an hour or two (and check her pools during hockey season). Despite threatening to retire for the past decade, she's still working (she's an RN) so being on the hospital computer looking up medical records every day is already annoying enough for her.

Contrast this with my dad's father, who waited until 70 to retire only to become an Internet addict afterward. Go figure.

Frimmy said...

My dad assimilated into computers on the job way back in the 70's and had a working knowledge of DOS commands. Computer technology has left him behind and now he's easily frustrated by them if issues pop up. In peak form, he types 80 wpm so I get great emails.


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