TGIF! No, Really...

My office looks like this except with no wood-like decor and a better phone and computer.

Week one of the new job is done and I'm loving it. This is the first time I've booted up the old PC in days! I have been super busy and my hours of work have changed so I'm finding it a challenge to find time for writing. I'm starting three hours later in the day compared to my last job, so with travel and one hour for lunch (which I'm required to take, no eating at my desk!) I'm getting home about 2.5 hours later than I used to but Monday to Friday kicks ass. Yesterday was the first Friday in decades where I could actually say TGIF. I worked from my home for eight years but I don't really count that because: working at home. Also when I didn't work, Friday was just another day so TGIF didn't count then either.

My days are full of online courses which was actually only two days because my employee info and forms I had to have in by June 25 got lost. I handed them in June 21 and that was when Calgary's downtown core was evacuated because of flooding so things got a little messed up because of that I think. This resulted in my not getting a user name and pass for online training until Thursday so I basically job shadowed. I've trained people enough to know what a drag that is so I have to give a nod to my very patient trainer, she is really great. So is the rest of the staff.

Several of the staff are observing Ramadan. What a difficult time of year to fast while the sun is up and here in the sub-arctic the sun is up for a very, very long time. I wonder what Muslims do in the Arctic where the sun doesn't set in the summer?

Stampede is on and I'm heading out for breakfast, the Lad is craving some kind of breakfast skillet entree a la Denny's. Probably has seven different kinds of meat in it. I'll be back later to post some pictures for a picture dump and I will make some time to write, I really miss it.


kuschk said...

While I miss my daily Frimmbits fix, mostly I'm just glad you're happy at the new gig! Congrats!

I knew a guy who lived up north and observed Ramadan during the polar summer. He said in that case he just went by the length of the day observed at Mecca.

Frimmy said...

That makes perfect sense. I should have known you would know the answer to that!

Pickles said...

Can't wait to hear all the stories that will come of this change. I myself quit my soul-sucking life consuming job on Friday - as of Monday I will be working at my new low stress job (answering phones for the business my husband owns).

Can't wait.

Frimmy said...

That's awesome! I hope it's a good fit. Answering phones sounds relaxing. Will it fill your time or can you take up a hobby too?

Frimmy said...

I should say here, because I have a geographer *whistles* who visits regularly, that I use the term "sub-Arctic" facetiously. Where I live might feel like the sub-Arctic but it's probably more sub-sub than sub. That's been bothering me for a while now. But not enough to actually look up my actual climate zone.


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