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You can tell a story any way you want when you take things out of context.

Shell Beaches -

Shell Beach Western Australia
[credit: AlanM Images]

From my brief research I've found there are four major beaches composed of whole or partially broken sea shells in the world. Shell Beach, Western Australia, Sanibel Island, Florida, St Barts Shell Beach, Saint Barthélemy, and Jeffreys Gulf in South Africa.

I've been to beaches where the 'sand' is actually composed of granulated sea shells. They were interesting in that the sand did not heat up in the sun and walking on the beach was comfortably cool on the feet. This is not the kind of beach I'm talking about.

I'm talking about beaches that, because of their unique geographical location in relation to tides and other conditions vaguely explained in articles around the internet, are a bunch of shells. Piles of them.

Shell Beach, Western Australia
[credit: djgr's photo stream]

Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach, Western Australia
[credit: Coa_ch's photo stream]
Shell Beach, Western Australia
[photo credit: Simone Bamfi]

The hypersalinated water of L’Haridon Bight in Shark Bay is home to billions of tiny coquina bivalve shells and is known as Shell Beach. The salt concentration has resulted in the proliferation of the Cardiid Cockle because it is about the only thing that thrives in this environment and therefore has no natural predator. This resulted in the accumulation of millions of these tiny shells along the shore. Shell Beach is covered for a 60 km stretch to a depth of some seven to ten metres (about 20-30 feet). The effect is beautiful; a long, snow-white beach bordered by aqua blue Indian Ocean. 

Over the years the shell deposits have cemented to form soft coquina limestone. Rainwater repeatedly dissolves small quantities of calcium carbonate of which the shells are composed. As the water evaporates, the calcium carbonate is precipitated as calcite crystals, which bind the shells together. Coquina limestone blocks have been used to build many of Shark Bays old buildings. These blocks have very good insulation characteristics.

Shell Beach, Western Australia

Sanibel Island, Florida 

The island's curved shrimp-like shape forms Tarpon Bay on the north side of the island. It is linked to the mainland by the Sanibel Causeway, which runs across two small manmade islets and the Intracoastal Waterway. A short bridge links Sanibel Island to Captiva Island over Blind Pass. The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel is the only museum in the world dedicated entirely to the study of shells. 

St. Bart's

St Bart's

One thing I know. If you're walking these beaches, keep your shoes on.

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Columbine from my garden

Peyto Lake, taken with my phone. Not bad.

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