Arthritis Meds - Frimmy's Going Hardcore

So here's the line-up. Tablets on the left and injection paraphernalia on the right. When the Rheumatologist said one of the meds was going to be by injection I was imagining daily shots + driving to the clinic every day to get it/them. So my first question was where do I go for the injections hoping he would tell me I could stay in town - my town - for them instead of going into the city. Turns out I can.

He pointed at me with a smile. "Me? I'm going to give them to myself?" He nodded. "How often?" He told me that it would only be once a week. "OK," I thought to myself, "very do-able. It's not as bad as once a day or more that I know diabetics have to endure. I can do it." And I have. One demonstration. One practical application using saline solution - injection goes into tissue so I don't even have to poke for a vein - and I'm giving myself weekly injections. Easy as pie. If you've ever tried to make pie, it's easier than that. Three weeks have passed and I am feeling much better. I am typing as we speak, for example. It's going to take three months for the meds to build up to the point where this will go into remission and I'm liking the results I'm seeing already. I can open my bedroom door in the middle of the night, for example. 

I give myself the injection on Friday and I'm useless on Saturday but feeling better by Sunday and functioning again on Monday. The methotrexate causes nausea, worse if you take by tablet, and come Friday the previous dosage has worn off and it takes a bit to kick in again so weekends have been a wash as far as posting goes and I apologize. However, it is getting better and the swelling reducing and my fingers are almost back to normal size.

Would you believe the thing that bothers me the most is the biohazard container? It depressed me a little that the Lad would have to look at this thing every day for who knows how long. How would he see me? Weak? Fallible? Biohazard-y? So, I made room in the bathroom cabinet and everything is out of sight and once I did that I felt much better. Turns out he could care less as long as I feel better. He rejoices with me when I realize I can now do something I couldn't do before. I shouldn't have worried. I just went and asked him how it made him feel and he said he didn't know what I was talking about he hasn't seen any yellow biohazard container anywhere.

Also, the RN who assists the Rheumatologist (he looks 20) is a total kindred spirit and we laughed together like conspiring school girls. My visit to the arthritis clinic was actually fun! Except for the parking, oy.

It's an aggressive treatment plan with the goal of putting this into remission and if it does we can reduce the amount of meds I'm on. Here's hoping it works.


Pickles said...

Was wondering about this...and the new job...hope both are going well (don't know how I missed this post earlier)


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