Anna's Horse in "Frozen" is an Actual Horse

So a quick Frozen recap and because I haven't seen it I asked IMdb

Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

OK then.

The movie depicts a horse with a decorative mane. I didn't notice the horse at all however I've seen a few pages where images were posted of the actual horse after which Pixar patterned Anna's.

Pixar's horse:

I got this picture here
Actual horse:

I got this photo of a well dressed Fjord here

Look at that face!!!
Unless otherwise cited, photos come from here

This beautiful horse is called a Norwegian Fjord. It has a two toned mane with a dark stripe in the centre between two blonde stripes. As someone said here, sort of like a two toned Mohawk and who wouldn't want that in a horse? Or any four legged family member?

Of course they don't go around their daily routine all decked out. Here is the natural look, although Pixar's horse's mane is still trimmed:

Natural N-fjord mane

Check out this page for more images of Norwegian Fjord's of all ages.

When grooming the mane, artistic Norwegian horse owners will snip patterns into the mane because: why not? Horse.

And voila:

I got a lot of these pictures on this page so check them out for more pictures of Norwegian Fjord haircuts.

Also, from the comments, check out this farm where I plan to visit the next time I'm in Idaho!

Here is the Wiki page describing Norwegian Fjords. They're small, strong, good natured, hard working and pretty much all the same colour in five varying shades of dun. So kinda nice they got that black stripe in the mane.


bima as herself said...

hey girl, yes, my friend danielle had a fjord. they are cute and very sturdy. She doesn't have him anymore though. I wouldn't choose to own one. too much hair and fur.

Unknown said...

You did a GREAT job of hunting down some great Fjord haircuts. We do them when we have time, because as you can imagine, it's time consuming to make those awesome shapes. BUT we do have the horses with the cool manes for them. :)
For more pictures, you can check out our website ...
Great post!

Frimmy said...

I appreciate your feedback. I checked out your website and enjoyed your warm description of your family of Fjords. While I'd never consider myself a horse lover I felt like I have discovered a breed I could call a favorite! Kinda made me pine for a fjord. Yes. Bad Monty Python reference. Haha

Unknown said...

That's so awesome ... in the Fjord world we have some sayings about the Fjords as a whole, including "they have the personalities of Golden Retreivers." Once you meet one, you'll surely agree!

The other common saying is, "they're a lot like potato chips, you can't stop at just one!" Sadly for your wallet, that is true. :)

If you're ever in the Boise, Idaho area, please drop us a note. We'd love to have you come out & meet them.

Angie said...

Such handsome animals...I've always loved horses,although their size does scare me when I get up close and personal. I was thrown once as a kid and haven't quite overcome that fear. If I had a Fjord, I would not trim the mane in such a way, though. I love the wild two tone look much better.


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