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Good and honest on the outside, good, honest food inside [photo]
Continuing the series on eating at the places my sister tells me I gotta eat at after she watches Food Network Canada's "You Gotta Eat Here", here is Roy's Place, Claresholm, Alberta. Recently featured with John Catucci. Owner and Chef, Kieth Carlson, was a Chopped Canada runner-up and he shows why just because you didn't win a competition doesn't mean you aren't a serious and worthy contender.

This is a one pound sticky bun with a scoop of kaluha cream cheese frosting [photo]


I had the dill pickle soup (above) with the steak sandwich. Perfection! Everything was generously portioned, which is wonderful when you're travelling with a gigantor son who's low on blood sugar. The flavours were layered and complex but not pretentious.

It was a bit of a drive but worth it and I'd go back just for the sticky bun. Our server told us they've gone from making a dozen a week to 120. One bun is family sized even if one of those family members is a gigantor son.

Check out Keith Carlson on Twitter @roysplacerest, catch him on Facebook here and this is his website. Even better, if you're in the area, drop by.



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