LEGO Mosaics by Lachme

Art by culpeo-fox

Have I mentioned how much I love writing this blog? Have I mentioned that the reason is because I have contacted several artists for permission to use their images and all of them have been not only happy to give their permission, but some have been down right supportive. Without this blog, there would be no reason whatever for me to randomly approach artists and chat. In fact that might even come across as stalkerish without a good reason like a blog. We wouldn't want them to think that...even if I was their *creepy music* number one fan.

When I first contacted today's artist, lachme, I asked if she was still doing LEGO mosaics because the dates on some of her pieces were from two or three years ago. She replied that she is doing mosaics but that she has been busy earning her Bachelors degree and is job hunting. She plans to do more LEGO and is considering doing Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) next in keeping with her 'Captain' theme.

I asked her what her inspirations are or how she comes to be inspired and she said:

i don't really have a lot to say about my work because many of my thoughts about it cannot be expressed in words, but i welcome questions. for me, it's all about tactility and rightness; i can't tell you why i make the choices i make in my work, i just choose what feels "right." i take a great deal of pleasure in seeing a piece come together, for the reality under my hands to grow to match the image i carry in my mind, but i also take pleasure in simply putting all of my bricks in order-- it's an asd thing.

Really, who doesn't like their ducks in a row?

I googled "asd" and I just want to say I hate you Urban Dictionary. I think lachme means she likes putting things in order. (UPDATE: "asd" stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder, a much better thing than what Urban Dictionary suggested and for which Wikipedia has an explanation here) What really made me smile was this:

...unlike most artists, i encourage people to touch my pieces, as that's part of the fun!

Recently I was at a gallery in the city where a series of sculptures were featured in a huge room built for the showing. They were all primary colours and poised coming out of walls, and running along the tile. Others were bursting from the floor in random and whimsical shapes of familiar things or tangible representations of intangible things like wind. When something is designed to be whimsical, we want to touch it especially when it represents something like wind. Guards were posted to prevent this however. In honesty this may have been the decision of the gallery not the artist, due to liability issues. I understand that. Also, there are some people who do not respect anything and so yes, art should be protected. But when we're allowed to actually touch art, it transforms the piece exponentially. For me, it does.
She closed with this:

let me know if you have any questions.

If you have any questions for lachme please include them in the comments. This is her website, and here is her flickr photostream.

Her Captain Jack Sparrow from yesterday's preview came to her as she pondered who from our time, would end up being myths, heroes or legends to people 500 years in the future. She came up with Harry Potter and Captain Jack as two possibilities.

She explains:

i spent a week looking at literally hundreds of images in order to find the pic i wanted to work from; i found this as a screencap from potc- world's end, and cropped it to suit my purposes-

I don't know about you I think she captures him perfectly. Here is part of her process;

i graphed an outline sketch of the image on a 4'x4' sheet of pressed board. initially, i attach the lego blocks to the board with rubber cement. however, as the work progresses it become heavier, so the glue no longer provides the necessary support. at that point, i drill holes in the board and use nails as pegs to support the weight.

i always start with the eyes-- the eyes are where you capture the subject...or fail to capture him.

I love reading about the process of how an artist comes to produce their pieces. I wonder if there has been a piece she has wanted to do but has been unable to capture the eyes to her satisfaction?

UPDATE: I asked lachme: Has there ever been a piece you have wanted to do but failed to capture because you couldn't get the eyes to your satisfaction?

no, not so far. but it took me over a week to get einstein's eyes right-- the darned glasses gave me fits! same with the colbert portrait. i built and then took apart and re-built colbert's eyes three times before i was satisfied with my results. the problem with that one was i was trying to only use the colors red, white, & blue for colbert, but his glasses are frameless. oy gevalt, what a headache. i finally broke down and used yellow, only for the glasses, to achieve a satisfactory result. 

So totally awesome! Now you're wondering where the Colbert picture is...hang on I'll get it...

Colbert of the frameless specs. I think the yellow works without distracting from the red white and blue theme at all

I return you now to the Jack Sparrow mosaic...

She said the mustache gave her a lot of trouble. I think it gives everyone a lot of trouble.

I love this picture because of the tub of LEGO sitting in front!

I find Lachme's ability to convert LEGO, a rigidly boxy medium, into the spirit and essence of a smirk or personality, something completely abstract and fluid to be extraordinary. When you look at these pieces you are not immediately struck, or distracted, by what was used to make them. Your eyes are drawn to the smile, or crows feet around the eyes or expression, then you gradually take in the bold colours and stylized way they are combined. I look forward to the next chapters in Lachme's LEGO art expressions. Good luck job hunting!


Noelle said...

Fascinating. I can't imagine the weight.

Unknown said...

When I first contacted today's artist, lachme, I asked if she was still doing LEGO mosaics because the dates on some of her pieces were from ...

Frimmy said...

Not sure what your point is but dates are public domain?


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